Piano tabs – the easy way to learning piano

Like the guitar, the piano also has tabs. A piano tab is an alternative way to learn how to play the piano. What makes the piano tab any different from the musical sheet we see that is commonly used by most piano players? There really is not much difference, really. The musical sheet shows the specific pitch, chords, and time with musical symbols. Similarly, the piano tab also indicates the same things only with the use of cord symbols and note names.

Basically, the piano tab, otherwise called as tablature, looks pretty much like the set up of a guitar tab where in the notes are practically given out to you. However, there are some things that you have to take note since there are still some symbols used. First, each key is represented by its respective letter and the playing hand is indicated by LH for left, and RH for right hand. The “greater than” symbol (>) stands for a note that should be sustained. The notes corresponding to the white piano keys are represented by lower case letters. For the black keys, the representations are different. Sharps are represented by capital or uppercase letters while flats are not represented at all since there equivalent sharps are what's placed. For example, the D flat is represented with a C because its equivalent is a C sharp.

And so we come to the question, why should you opt to use piano tabs instead of the classic musical sheet? First, since the tablature shows the specific notes already, you don't have to bother with trying to learn how to read musical symbols. Also, learning will be easier because the main goal of the tablature is to show the musician which finger should hit which key on the keyboard. That means, your learning is only a matter of pressing the right keys. Another notable benefit is the availability of the material. Since the representations are mostly just letters, making piano tabs is relatively easier compared to making the musical sheet. So it's widely available online and in stores, just like the guitar tab where it usually comes with the lyrics of a certain song. Piano tabs are also very helpful when it comes to composing songs. All you need to do is write the corresponding letter to the specific note and you're all set, as compared to writing the musical symbol which takes a lot more time and resources especially since you need a musical sheet to make them.

But of course, you must not settle with just piano tabs. Once you've mastered the tabs, you should also venture into learning the musical symbols used in the musical sheet because that way, you not only look professional, but you will also become more flexible and you won't have any problems understanding piano tabs or the musical sheet.

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